Blackbird Jeff

Cocktails and Such

Tequila.  I like tequila.  I like whiskey too.  Yep.  Tequila and Whiskey.  And gin.  Tequila, whiskey, and gin.  And beer.  Oh boy, do I like beer!  But more than all that, I love a good cocktail.  So how do we bring it all together?  How do we decide what exactly we will serve?  Especially amidst […]

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Hmm… So, here I am.

Hmm… So, here I am. But who am I, you wonder? Well, simply put, I’m the over-sized, slightly clumsy oaf you may have spied hauling heavy and broken equipment out of what was the Bear Creek Restaurant. Or perhaps you saw me carrying loads of hardwood and the newer, working coolers into our new and […]

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