September 23, 2016

How to Catch a Minnow (by Blackbird Zoe, age 6)


Blackbird Cafe and Tavern

Zoe & her friend Lydia by the river.

Bear Creek runs right behind the Blackbird Cafe and Tavern. While the adults have been cleaning, the kids have been spending their days (around school time) reading, doing arts and crafts, and playing in the river. One of their newest-found skills is minnow catching… we thought we would share with you their advice on how to catch a minnow: 


“So…how do you catch a minnow?”

You get cups. You put them in the water with mud in them, and food. “What kind of food do you give them?” The food is red stuff, I don’t really know. And then you pick up the cups when it looks like there’s something swimming around in it, and then you catch a minnow! Oh, and there’s a golden minnow! We caught it two times!

Once I catch a minnow, I put food rocks and mud in a big tupperware, then you can put the minnow in. I keep my minnows for about 4 weeks. “Wait a minute, 4 weeks?” Yes, 4 weeks. “Okay, 4 weeks.” They’re really cool and small. I keep my tupperware in the restaurant, but don’t worry I won’t serve you a minnow for breakfast!

Blackbird Cafe and Tavern - bear bear

Bear Bear at the bar!

Now I want to talk about the restaurant. We will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s kinda dark in there, not a lot of windows. “Well, we put in that new window, and what about the whole wall of windows looking out onto the river?” Not a lot of windows. “Okay! Not a lot of windows.” The floors are brown, and can I play Minecraft now? “Nope.” Okay, well, I play with my teddy bear at the restaurant. He is very cute. His name is Bear Bear… “Is he your favorite?” …no, he is not my favorite because I have other favorite animals, but I love him very much because he is so awesome!! Wait, how do you make these ones? [exclamation points] “You click on shift plus the number one at the same time.” Oh. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …and a couple more !!!!!! there.

Now can I have dessert? “Yes…sss.” YAY!!!

–Blackbird Zoe (…with a little help from Blackbird Liddy!)

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