September 20, 2016

Teammate: photographer!

You know, it’s kinda fitting that I might spend some time by a river, because I tend to go with the flow…

blackbird Liddy, feet in the water

I’m a mermaid at heart…just you see what happens if you catch my feet in the water!

I moved out to Colorado on a whim 10 years ago. Since I spent my childhood suffering the California educational system, at the time, I barely even knew where it was on the map! I had the basics down though: one of the “square ones…” and no ocean. But, no ocean aside, I knew a friend of a friend who needed a housemate, so in went all my belongings — stuffed inside a uhaul trailer — and out here I came!

I quickly began to see the beauty of my new home: mountains, the Colorado sky, lightning — seasons! Snow in the winter time, a warm gooey grilled cheese sandwich in the fall, the desire for outdoor warmth when you are “oh so ready” for spring, and even summer, to come… I even began to see the beauty in the traces left behind by an ancient ocean, even if most of the water is now gone.


blackbird Liddy, reflection

Fact: Both photographers and mermaids are attracted to reflections.

About a year or so into my new life out here, I stepped out of the office and into the food industry. The little spot of the industry I chose taught me the beauty of those finer things in life… chocolates, coffees, teas, salts, wines, cheeses… and continued to refine my passion and respect for food in general; produce, meats, grains…

And during this time I connected with Terry. We had actually met in one of those office-type of situations (this particular office job is a story and a half — you’ll have to ask me/her/us sometime!) and then promptly lost touch. But the universe has its way of making things happen, and we ran into each other again. This time we stayed in touch. (Hmm…) She must’ve known she wanted me to work in her restaurant one day!

And that’s what I get to do! I’m excited to be part of what is soon to be the Blackbird Cafe and Tavern. I’m providing marketing and photography services for Blackbird Cafe and Tavern, and I’ll also be working in-house when the time comes. (Oh, and cleaning! You might just catch me doing a little cleaning!)


blackbird Liddy, feet

Somebody had to bring you all these pictures of cleaning! (Bigger and better things are on the way…)

Between this state, this town, and the river outside, I don’t think Terry could’ve found a better spot to create the space that she is working so hard right now to create. I’m super excited to be part of her team and help her bring this to life. I’m super excited for what we have coming your way too. We are all working, not only to create an amazing eating spot by the river, but a place where the community can help other members of the community to plan their next adventure in these mountains. We want you to be involved. So I’m going to be the one casually mentioning here that you should get on Instagram and see what we are plotting!

Lookup @blackbirdevergreen.

In the meantime, you’ll catch me — possibly behind a camera, possibly behind a stove, or a bar, or a table, (most likely behind a computer), or possibly in the water!

–Blackbird Liddy





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