September 9, 2016



closing, family, photo op

Why I’m so lucky, I don’t know.

Wait a minute! What have we here?! New people have purchased a longstanding mainstay of Kittredge. Who do they think they are?!

I’ll tell you a little. As you may have already read, my wife Terry is the brainchild behind this endeavor. As long as I’ve known her, Terry has always wanted to own a restaurant, bed and breakfast, coffee shop, or something in that vein. Getting from an idea to a reality isn’t always clear. How does one even start?

Sometimes, when you hold on to a dream, and don’t let go, even Fate herself will bend to the stronger will.

new floors

My wife takes full advantage of the fact I worked in construction for years 😉

The stars began aligning when we were looking to get a little more room for us and our kids. Our first house in Englewood (all 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom of it) was a great first house, and is where we began raising our two beautiful children. However, once the kids were potty trained, the ratio of four people to one toilet became a little trying. After weighing the options (building an addition, moving, adjusting) we decided it couldn’t hurt to maybe look around a little bit.

Not only did we find a wonderful house in Indian Hills in 2014, but Terry then saw the “For Sale” sign in the window of the Bear Creek Restaurant. It all just seemed to fall into place after that. Like it was meant to be. Now don’t get the wrong idea, this hasn’t been a cake walk – not by a long shot – and we haven’t even opened yet! But you know, it’s worth it. Knowing that my wife, who I love dearly and have been married to for 10 years now, is getting a chance to live her dream, what else is there? We may succeed, we may stumble, but at least we are going for the one thing that has been in my wife’s heart for longer than even I know.

So, here we are. We are new members of this mountain community, and we are spreading those roots. We love the school our kids are in, we are grateful for the welcoming families we live among, we love the air, we love the hiking and bike trails, and we have an opportunity for one hell of an adventure. Why not take it?

If you’ll let us join your adventure, stop in. This will be more than a place to grab a bite. It can be your base camp. We’ll have information for hiking and biking the local trails. And best of all we’ll have the sandwiches to go along with your adventure.

cheers, huzzah

A toast to the upcoming hard work


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